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EarthCoating® comes up aces, as recyclable paper cup awarded with highest level, “Triple A” certification for recyclability from The Green Dot

London, England — An unparalled achievement in sustainability has been reached as UK’s reCUP recyclable paper cup with EarthCoating, has been awarded the highest possible, “Category AAA Recyclable” certification per The Green Dot (Der Grune Punkt) recycling standards. In addition, the paper cups are classified for recycling compatibility and collection streams alongside premium uncoated paper grades such as office paper. The Green Dot recognizes standards for recyclability claims in 31 countries including the UK and Ireland. 

Given the UK’s coffee cup recycling debate and interest in reducing plastic content in packaging, it is a remarkable achievement for a paper cup technology to not only achieve the highest rating available for recyclability qualifying for a collection category alongside office paper, but also reducing plastic content in paper cups by 40%. 

The reCUP utilizes EarthCoating, a paperboard packaging coating producing paper cups that look the same and work just as well as any conventional paper cups. The difference is that EarthCoating is designed to be universally compatible with conventional paper cup recycling systems, avoiding the challenges that have been found in recycling of paper cups and other coated foodservice paperboard packaging. 

With less plastic and easier repulping, paper cups with EarthCoating can also improve paper cup processing and efficiency in the UK’s efforts in specialist paper cup recycling schemes of conventional paper cups, currently at a 4% recycling rate. 

The double-wall reCUP receiving certification contains these distinctive highlights: 

* 95% fiber recovery * Highest classification for recyclability alongside premium uncoated paper such as office paper * 40% less plastic content than conventional paper cups 

“EarthCoating continues to enable a new direction in the recycling of paperboard foodservice packaging” says Chris Tilton, Chief Materials Technology Officer at Smart Planet. “Paperboard packaging with EarthCoating is engineered for recycling and valuable to recyclers to collect and recycle, while maintaining the required levels of packaging performance. The certification demonstrates the ability to take immediate steps to solve the problem, using any and all of the UK recycling infrastructure and programs.” 

This certification for paper cups with EarthCoating is compliant with the Packaging Recovery Organization Europe “PRO” program per EU Directive 94/62. 

The Triple-A Green Dot Certificate is available in the EarthCoating Repulping Report at 

Paper cups with EarthCoating are widely available for sale in the UK and Ireland. For a list of manufacturers and distributors of paper cups with EarthCoating, please visit Smart Planet Technologies or

Muscle Maker Grill and Pie-Not adopt universally recyclable paperboard foodservice packaging

Muscle Maker Grill and Pie-Not adopt universally recyclable paperboard foodservice packaging

As global demand for increased recycling rates and plastic reduction in single use packaging continues to grow, US-based restaurants and coffeehouses are doing their part for the environment by adopting the reCUP® recyclable paper cup and other recyclable paperboard foodservice products, made with EarthCoating® barrier coating. The most recent are Muscle Maker Grill with 40 locations, and Pie-Not with two locations.

Pacific City retail development kicks off recyclable paper cup recycling initiative for the US

Pacific City retail development kicks off recyclable paper cup recycling initiative for the US

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA— As the surf kicks up for the US Open of Surfing, across the street, Pacific City retail development will be kicking up the first wave of a paper cup recycling program for Southern California and the nation.    

Traditionally, paper cups have typically been sent to landfill, because the inner lining of plastic is not designed to process through paper recycling equipment.  

reCUP® Recycling Initiative takes major step addressing global paper cup recycling problem

A new closed-loop collection program for reCUPs, paper cups engineered for recycling, gives Southern California businesses a sustainable paper cup solution

Newport Beach, CA, April 9, 2018 — Smart Planet Technologies has launched the first reCUP® Recycling Initiative with support from Southern California based recycling partners, Allan Company, a materials recovery facility (MRF) and Replenysh, a closed-loop collection platform provider.

“Allan Company is pleased to partner with Smart Planet Technologies via the reCUP® Recycling Initiative. Founded in 1963, Allan Company is an industry leader who is constantly looking to identify new recyclable materials and to create new markets to process those materials. Smart Planet Technologies’ reCUP is an innovative fiber cup solution made with EarthCoating® that Allan Company is proud to recycle” said Ryon Hart, Retail Accounts Manager for Allan Company.

It has been estimated that over 15 billion paper coffee cups get diverted to U.S. landfills each year. Traditional plastic-coated paper cups are typically too difficult for paper recyclers to process through their existing paper recycling equipment. However, reCUPs are made using EarthCoating®, which make them easy to process using todays paper recycling infrastructure, while using 51% less plastic. This affords businesses, retailers, schools, office buildings and venues throughout Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties an opportunity to use reCUPs and have them collected and processed into recycled paper.

“Since post-industrial and post-consumer reCUP materials are easy for paper recyclers to process, and therefore valuable to collect, we’re providing businesses with a way to take responsibility for their waste and close the loop on it. Our platform allows customers to keep track of their landfill diversion impact and potentially participate in revenue sharing for the materials that we collect and sell to the recycling center.” said Mark Armen, owner of Replenysh.

Smart Planet Technologies received the 2017 Green Arrow Award from the California Product Stewardship Council for the development of reCUPs in support of CA landfill waste diversion goals. Interested businesses may now purchase reCUPs through a variety of domestic and international suppliers including CupPrint, Detpak, The Recyclable Cup Company, and Evelina Eco.

About Smart Planet Technologies
Smart Planet Technologies is a materials engineering and intellectual property company focused on material advancements for the packaging industry. Our proprietary EarthCoating® solutions use less plastic and support recyclability initiatives compared to traditional plastic-coated paperboard packaging materials.

About Allan Company
Allan Company believes that recycling has an important role to play in the health of our country and our planet. The more efficient, the more thorough, and the more self-sustaining our recycling efforts are, the more good we can do.

About Replenysh
Replenysh is the next generation reuse and recycling solution. We are creating the building blocks of the circular economy—helping brands close the loop on their products and proving an amazing experience for customers.

To learn more about the reCUP® Recycling Initiative, visit

UK Proposes Tariff on Paper Cups: This Sounds Like a Job for reCUPs

With recent U.K. news of a proposed tariff on disposable paper cups sending a clear message to the industry that it's time to make some changes, we're see a tremendous opportunity for the retailers and manufacturers alike to make an easy switch from poly-coated cups to reCUPs. 

Broderick's Coffee and Panda Waste create "Be Recycling" program

Broderick's Coffee and Panda Waste create "Be Recycling" program

Broderick’s Coffee and Panda Waste Management have created the "Be Recycling" program and combined their vision and resources to form a new, green, nationally focused coalition designed to reduce environmental waste caused by takeaway paper cups and waste coffee grounds in Ireland.