Cycle4green announces plans to recycle paper cup stock made with EarthCoating®


Cycle4green Ltd., with its headquarters located in Espoo, Finland, announces plans to utilize its existing U.K. service network to collect pre- and post- consumer paper cup stock with EarthCoating® for recycling. 

February 21, 2018 — Collection pilots and supplier qualifications are scheduled to begin within the next few weeks. Once the commercial pilots are completed and collection begins, 100% of the recovered cup stock will be diverted from landfill and used by European paper mills that have already successfully completed extensive testing. Panda recycling of Ireland recently announced a similar collection program.

EarthCoating® is a new technology developed by Smart Planet Technologies, Inc., making paper cup recycling possible. Today, 100% plastic coatings are used on the inside of paper cups; however, the plastic contaminates the paper, making the cups very difficult to recycle.

The new technology works by mineralizing the inner cup lining. When pulped, the lining behaves differently, making recycling possible using standard industry recycling equipment.

Therefore, EarthCoating® is a universal recycling solution that does not require new capital investment or modification of recycling equipment. Paper cups using this technology are currently available for small and large volume orders throughout the U.K. and Ireland.

About Cycle4green, Ltd.

Located in Espoo, Finland, Cycle4green Ltd. currently collects paper for recycling from multiple locations throughout Europe and within the U.K.. They partner with high quality paper makers such as Lenzing Papier GmbH, Austria. Lenzing Papier is completing extensive testing, and plans to begin commercial production pilots using paper coated with EarthCoating®.

About Smart Planet Technologies

Smart Planet Technologies is a materials engineering company focused on advancements in sustainability for the packaging industry. Through innovation, our technologies are focused to conserve precious natural resources and provide high quality, environmental alternatives to a wide variety of rigid, flexible, barrier liners, cups, labels and other packaging applications.