Short explainer video showing why traditional paper cups are NOT being recycled and how reCUPs may be used to solve the problem.

We work closely with municipalities and MRFs to bring reCUPs to the global market in support of recycling and landfill waste diversion initiatives. To start, we've put together a closed-loop collection partnership to make reCUPs easy to adopt, make use of, and get recycled throughout all of Southern California (where we're located) To learn more, visit

We're also currently working with strategic manufacturers, distributors, recyclers and general partners throughout the globe to have reCUPs become widely adopted. To start, we encourage you to order reCUPs today and work with us to have your local recycling facility come online by agreeing to accept reCUPs as part of their paper recycling program.

Poly-coated paper cups get diverted to landfills due to the difficulty paper recyclers have processing the plastic-coated paper through their recycling equipment.

Legacy plastic-coated paper cups

Traditional paper cups are made with a plastic coating that breaks into large, light flakes during the paper repulping process. The resulting mess clogs recycling machines and wreaks havoc on the environment.

The first step to getting paper cups recycled is to produce paper cups worth recycling. By adopting a mineral-based coating alternative, paper cups become valuable to recycle.

Innovative solutioN: Mineral-based coating 

Instead of 100% plastic, reCUPs are made using EarthCoating® technology, an award-winning mineral-based coating alternative that's engineered to make paper cups worth collecting and profitable to recycle.

The user experience of a reCUP is the exact same as a poly-coated cup. The only difference is that reCUPs are valuable to collect and profitable to recycle. 

user experience: everything stays the same

reCUPs look, feel and function exactly like traditional paper cups, and the manufacturing process is the same too. In fact, reCUPs cost the same and in some cases, even offer savings.