Non-profit Sustainable Surf to use reCUP® at the Boardroom show in support of plastic reduction, ocean waste diversion and increased recycling rates

San Diego, CA – May 4, 2019 – In an effort to reduce plastic and divert ocean waste, non-profit Sustainable Surf will use reCUPs to serve coffee, water and kombucha at the upcoming Boardroom show in San Diego, CA.

Unlike conventional poly-coated paper cups that are too difficult for recyclers to deal with because of the plastic coating, reCUPs are made with EarthCoating®, a mineral enriched resin alternative that uses 51% less plastic and makes them valuable and easy for recyclers to pulp into recycled paper products using conventional paper recycling equipment. 

During the Boardroom show ( , Sustainable Surf will be serving complimentary coffee, and kombucha thanks to local vendors Meteeso (coffee) and Health Ade (kombucha).

Event participants are invited to discard their used reCUPs into the designated closed-loop collection bins for recycling after the event. 

“Sustainable Surf is making an important leap forward in support of plastic reduction and ocean waste diversion. By making use of reCUPs which are valuable and easy for recyclers to deal with, they’re doing their part for the environment” said Todd Gasparik, Vice President of Smart Planet Technologies, developers of the reCUP®. 

Paper cups and foodservice packaging made with EarthCoating® are commercially available through select supply chain vendors. 

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