In the US alone, over 50 billion paper cups end up in landfills each year.



Here's the problem: 

Quite simply, traditional paper cups are not designed to be recycled — and recyclers are not set up to process them. These cups are just too difficult to run through their existing paper recycling equipment due to a 100% polyethylene (plastic) coating on the inside of the cup. This coating can't be processed efficiently and would clog their machines — so recyclers simply won't accept this material.


The Confusion

Paper cups aren't being recycled, but this isn't made clear to consumers, as you can see:


Instead of indicating that the "Landfill" section is for traditional paper cups and lids, the message is simply "No Paper Cups or Lids" at the bottom of the list.

Despite what people may believe, paper cups just aren't recycled.


We have a smart solution.


A reCUP™ is made the way a paper cup should have been made from the start — with recycling in mind. As a result, the reCUP™ can be easily repulped into recycled paper using existing paper recycling equipment.

Instead of asking the recycling industry to deal with plastic-coated paper cups that are not recyclable, we've created the reCUP™, paper cups produced using an alternative barrier coating called EarthCoating®.

EarthCoating® is a barrier coating made up of minerals and plastic which makes reCUPs valuable to collect and profitable to recycle.

Additionally, choosing reCUP™ doesn't mean sacrificing function or profit margins.

reCUPs look and function like traditional cups and are made the same way... except for one MAJOR difference — 

reCUPs are engineered to be recyclable.


To learn more about EarthCoating®,
visit Smart Planet Technologies.


Smart Planet Technologies received the 2017 Green Arrow Award for System Design and Innovation for reCUP.