LetsRecycle.com: Simply Cups to recycle Smart Planet Technologies’ ReCUP

UK cup recycling scheme Simply Cups has entered into a relationship with Smart Planet Technologies (SPT) to recover and recycle the ‘reCUP’ paper cup.

Designed in California, the reCUP has an inside coating that is blended with minerals, which reduces the plastic content by up to 50% and means the cup can be recycled at UK paper mills.

Will Lorenzi, president of Smart Planet Technologies, said: “The first step in resolving the lack of paper cup recycling is to give the recycling industry a paper cup worth recycling.

“Once the coating is no longer an obstacle to recycling, a paper cup becomes a valuable material to recycle.

“We have substantiated that our cup material can be processed through standard paper mill recycling infrastructure and our relationship with Simply Cups will provide assurance to businesses and consumers that the reCUP will meet its ‘recyclable’ commitment.”

Membership to Simply Cups scheme will provide a dedicated collection service for the cup – either by bag or by bale – which will then be routed to paper mills that have approved the product for acceptance under the same criteria, and value, as other paper products.