Here are a list of the most common questions we receive about reCUPs. For additional questions, please give us a call.



Why can't I recycle a tradition paper cup? It's just paper right?

Paper cups are not recycled because of the difficulty paper recyclers have processing plastic-coated paper cup stock through their paper recycling equipment. The plastic is used to seal the cup during production and to keep the liquid from leaking through the paper.

What type of recyclability claims can I make if I use reCUPs?

Depending on which country reCUPs are being used in will determine which recycling claims may be made. For example, customers in the U.S. are subject to the Federal Trade Commission Green Guides.    To learn about what type of claims you can make based on your location, contact us today.

Where can I purchase reCUPs?

reCUPs are commercially available for purchase today through our Preferred Vendors.

Are reCUPs compostable?

No, reCUPs are not compostable. They are engineered to be recyclable. 

What makes reCUPs different from traditional paper cups?

Unlike traditional paper cups which are made with 100% plastic coating, reCUPs are made with EarthCoating which makes them valuable to collect and profitable to recycle. 

Are reCUPs FDA compliant for direct food contact?

Yes, reCUPs are FDA compliant in the U.S. for direct food contact. Certifications are available upon request.

Do reCUPs meet EU migration standards?

Yes, reCUPs meet EU migration standards. Certifications are available upon request.

Do reCUPs work the same as traditional paper cups?

Yes, reCUPs look, feel and function the same way traditional paper cups do. The only difference is that reCUPs are engineered to be recyclable.

Do reCUPs cost a lot more than traditional paper cups?

No, unlike other "green" paper cup alternatives, reCUPs are within a 5% price range compared to traditional paper cups (a small price to pay for a paper cup that's engineered to be recyclable).