Paper cups are being trashed.


Over 50 billion paper cups end up in U.S. landfills each year due to the difficulty paper recyclers have processing plastic-coated papers through their equipment.

Traditional paper cups have an interior plastic coating that clogs paper recycling machines and hurts the environment.

As a result, perfectly good, virgin cup stock fibers are being wasted. It's time to have things be different. 


We have a smart solution.

reCUP for recyclability.png

A reCUP™ is made the way a paper cup should have been made from the start — with recycling in mind.

Instead of asking the recycling industry to deal with plastic-coated paper cups that are not recyclable, we've created the reCUP™, paper cups produced using an alternative barrier coating called EarthCoating®.

EarthCoating® is a mineral-based barrier coating that makes reCUPs valuable to collect and profitable to recycle.

Additionally, choosing reCUP™ doesn't mean sacrificing function or profit margins.

reCUPs look and function like traditional cups and are made the same way... except for one MAJOR difference — 

reCUPs are engineered to be recyclable.



Smart Planet Technologies received the 2017 Green Arrow Award for System Design and Innovation for reCUP.